Alat ukur kekerasan beton – HAMMER TEST


Alat ukur kekerasan beton – HAMMER TEST
Used to obtain an estimate of strength and quality of hardened concrete
Measuring Range: 10 – 60 Mpa
Impact Energy: 2.207 ± 0.1J (0.225Kgf.m)
Length of Spring Stretch: 75 ± 0.3mm
The Static Friction of pointer slider: 0.65N ~ 0.15N
Radius of spherical tip: 25mm ± 1mm
The Average rebound values on steel anvil: 80 + 2
Housing Dimension: Ф 54 x 280mm
Weight: 1kg
Submit to industry standards “JGJ/T23-2001 <Technical Specification for Inspesction of Concrete Comprehensive Strength by Rebound Method>


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